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About Us

Benton County Search and Rescue (BCSAR) is a volunteer emergency service organization operating under the authority of the Benton County Emergency Management Agency.

BCSAR is dedicated to saving lives by providing a team capable of managing and effecting difficult search and rescue operations.  As part of the team's commitment to the community, BCSAR will respond to:

  • Lost/Missing Person Incidents
  • Evidence Searches
  • Cave Searches and Extractions
  • High Angle/Vertical Rescues
  • Remote Wilderness Medical Situations

Because of BCSAR's volunteer commitment, search and rescue services are provided to the community free-of-charge.  BCSAR receives a small annual budget from Benton County.  These funds help offset the cost of operations, unfortunately, these funds do not cover all the associated costs of the team's operations.  Friends of SAR is a non-profit organization developed to support BCSAR. Friends of SAR can accept tax-deductible contributions defray the additional costs of the team.  

The volunteer members of BCSAR are devoted to the professional advancement of Search and Rescue in Benton County, the State of Arkansas, and nationwide.

Current Officers

  • Unit Coordinator: James Mason
  • Assistant Unit Coordinator: Rhonda Wright
  • Equipment Officer: Jake
  • Personnel Officer: Chris Benefield
    • Assistant Personnel Officer: Bernice
  • Training Officer: Patrick
    • Assistant Training Officer: Rhonda Wright